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Video web series  - 3 minute/episode.

A mosaic of people from all walks of life to find out a little bit about their North Star. Just like the North Star helps the sailor to navigate, I question what is the constant that gears one’s life, even when lost at sea. View more...


I am a self-shooting director and make independent documentaries, The Stranger on Earth (2017), Life Compass (2016) and am currently developing Soulskin.

I also do fiction work with Räf & Clö , a dynamic duo where we explore surrealism scenario. View more...

As a self-shooting director and editor, I worked for different brands from small business and NGOs to higher caliber brands such as Red Bull or National Geography.  I adapt to to create unique visual image and storytelling that corresponds to the specific brand. View more...

I give workshops in filmmaking and also collaborate with other artists to combine a multi-disciplinary workshop with film screening. View more... 



A friend once told me that my camera is akin to a parrot on my shoulder, guiding me to navigate this world. With an intuitive and poetic gaze, I glean the marvels of ordinary realities. My education in Geography (McGill) and my M.A in Documentary Filmmaking (UCL) gave me the means to film with an ethnographic eye. 

My upbringing in New York and France instilled a passion for exploration and people’s stories. Traveling from Brazil to Morocco, I began filming my encounters making a web series North Star and Taboo. I make fictions with Räf & Clö and commercial content for Redbull, BBC and NGOs.


Contact me for collaboration, rates, and any inquiries